Arena Solutions Partners With BrightReps to Connect Customer Feedback to Product Development and Quality Processes

Partnership Creates a New Way to Collaborate More Effectively With Customers via CRM Solutions Like Salesforce and Zendesk

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Arena Solutions,provider of a cloud-based product realization platform for medical device and complex electronics companies,today announced a partnership with BrightReps that enables customer support teams to build,organize, and use process flows with powerful integrations through their app,Sidekick™.

BrightReps Sidekick streamlines communication between customers, support, and product teams to deliver innovative solutions and proactive service and is available through the Salesforce AppExchange® and Zendesk Apps Marketplace. Providing an intuitive user experience for customer support teams that allows them to instantly share information with Arena product and quality processes, Sidekick addresses customer needs throughout the product lifecycle. Sitting inside CRM applications such as Zendesk and Salesforce, it runs seamlessly alongside the support record screen.

“This integration with Arena makes it easy for customer support to initiate quality issue reviews and stay updated on the current status,” said Mike Moone, Chief Executive Officer of BrightReps. “Sidekick helps ensure that quality professionals and engineers have the necessary information within Arena to drive immediate resolution.”

With this integration, support and product development teams can work together more efficiently. Support, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain partners, and quality teams can collaborate in Arena to understand, reproduce, and resolve support issues.

“Leveraging the BrightReps integration to Arena, we’ve been able to streamline the processes that alert product teams, improving our efficiency,” said Jason Howard, Director of Customer Happiness at Kinsa, a joint Arena and BrightReps customer that makes smart thermometers. “As a result, we’re able to provide even higher quality products in a much faster time to our customers.”

This collaboration drives faster resolution to the customer. Further, all escalated issues are collected and stored directly in reference to affected products in Arena so they can be easily leveraged as improvements for the next design iteration. In a virtuous cycle, the resolution of these issues will be incorporated into future designs to improve product quality and reduce the number of cases for support to manage.

“The development process doesn’t end after products are shipped to customers,” said Steve Chalgren, EVP, Product Management / Chief Strategy Officer at Arena. “It’s critical to provide design and development support throughout the product lifecycle that translates into higher quality products and improved customer satisfaction. Together, Arena and BrightReps ensure that issues are captured accurately, acted upon, and resolved quickly.”

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