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Midwest Precision Products Opens "Seatbelts For Pallets" Testing Lab to Ensure Quality and Advance Sustainable Packaging Solutions

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In a continuing effort to advance sustainable packaging solutions and ensure their industry leading quality standards, Midwest Precision Products, Inc. (MPP: North Royalton, OH) has recently opened their state-of-the–art Testing Laboratory.

A world leader in providing retractable, reusable, self-contained cargo restraints for material handling applications since 1992, MPP formed its Testing Lab, including its testing fixtures and machines, primarily for two reasons:

Performance Standards: To test products to insure that they meet the minimum standards set forth by
the Automotive industry and other customers; when used in harsh industrial environments before the products are made available for sale to customers.

Experimental Testing: On-going product improvements and innovations are rigorously tested by these devices to ensure maximum performance and quality goals are met before permanent implementation into the market; perhaps beyond customer standards.

MPP manufactures its “Seatbelts for Pallets” products overseas as a cost saving measure. The retractable belts simply attach and reattach per repeatable loading/unloading operations. Upon receipt of deliveries, the products are inspected in a non-destructive fashion via a random sampling that are tested for "fit-form-function". MPP’s facility features custom made laboratory devices that are engineered for testing of retractors & buckles including:

  • Tensile testing of both retractor & buckle assemblies to ultimate strength/failure

  • Shock testing of mated retractor-buckles

  • Load Drop force testing of mated retractor-buckles

  • Engagement force of retractor tongues into buckles

  • Dis-engagement forces measured of retractor tongue from buckle

  • Duty cycle testing of retractors and buckles

  • Retractor webbing extension, working length, locking and un-

    locking to requisite standards
    A comprehensive demonstration of the MPP Testing Laboratory can be viewed on YouTube at:


The ultimate goal of MPP’s Testing Lab is to provide uniquely sustainable packaging systems for a myriad of industries including: Material Handling, Automotive, Food & Beverage, and Pharmaceutical; as well as growing market sectors such as big-box e-commerce retailers.

According to MPP’s President Jeff Rogers, “Many of these
tests ensure that forces encounterd during load shifts in
trucks, or when being mishandled by lift truck operators, will allow the valuable cargo secured by our products to be safely delivered. This is where the customer can really optimize the benefits of our sustainably “green” seatbelts and pallets system.”

MPP’s retractable “seatbelt” straps eliminate plastic stretch wrap, and the metal or plastic banding responsible for many injuries and landfill waste. A repeatable asset, they are able to withstand the rough handling of a typical logistics system across a multitude of years providing a rapid return on investment (ROI); achieving a lower cost-per-trip vs. single-use expendable packaging.

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