RDD: Multisorb's Innovative Sorbent Solutions Resolve Complex Moisture Issues for Product Stability

ultisorb Technologies will exhibit at Respiratory Drug Delivery (RDD) in Phoenix, Arizona, April 17-21, 2016, and showcase its capabilities to help companies assure product reliability through sorbent technology.

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"The drug suspensions, micronized powders, and mixtures used in drug delivery devices can create complex moisture challenges. Too much moisture causes particles to agglomerate; too little and electrostatic attraction results in particles adhering to chamber walls. Both result in dosing issues," said Chris Gilmor, Commercial Director, Healthcare Packaging Group in the Americas. "The key is to create the right balance while ensuring drug stability."

Multisorb's Success through Efficiency? program offers manufacturers the ability to regulate and balance moisture within specific levels stabilizing drug formulations for desired shelf life. The program helps companies to quickly Identify, Select and Dispense the optimal sorbent solution for market success:

Simulations for Product Stability and Faster Market Access: Moisture ingress can contribute to physical and chemical instability. At the same time, over desiccation can prevent drug formulations from being properly dispensed. Our SimulOx® and SimulSorb® service uses Quality by Design (QbD) based, pseudo-empirical modeling to quickly overcome these challenges and identify the optimal sorbent for your desired shelf life. This process also can eliminate costly sorbent ranging studies and help get your product to market 6-12 months faster.

Innovative Sorbent Platforms: Multisorb's advanced sorbent products include Multiform Coated Solid Form (Multiform CSF®), which offers a compact sorbent material that delivers twice the adsorbent capacity as a similarly sized conventional sorbent.

Dispensing Systems for Cost Effective and Turnkey Operations: By engineering our sorbent platforms with their respective dispensers, our MultiPacket™ systems deliver maximum efficiency. The result is an industry leading output efficiency of >99.997% and the lowest total cost of ownership.