Agenda 2016 Marchesini Group

Marchesini Group focuses on the pharmaceutical packaging market, investing in Italy, East Europe and Russia.

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The Marchesini Group has defined the Agenda of its main events for 2016. On the very first day of the year, the new branch in Moscow will open. These facilities have been built on the solid foundations of the former representation agency. Once it has been inaugurated and well-oiled, this new organization will strengthen the commercial partnerships with the 30-year consolidated Russian customers. This operation will speed-up the technical and bureaucratic transaction times of machine sales and will guarantee a punctual and customized assistance service, capable of satisfying the needs of Russian customers. It will result in offering a direct approach with this market that could become fundamental not only for the Group’s strategies, but also for the whole “Emiliano-Romagnola” Packaging Valley over the next few years.

This move is just one of many aimed at medium-long term expansions, investing in the East European market. Another two new branches in Poland and Ukraine will be opened at the beginning of next year. The strategy is to amplify the commercial and pre and post sales assistance services in countries that are proving to appreciate the efficiency and Made in Italy design of our machines more and more.

As for the Italian market, the Marchesini Group has decided to concentrate even more on its core segment, that of pharmaceutical packaging, which covers 85% of the Group’s turnover, and which is expected to have grown by 10% in 2016.

With this in mind, the decision has been made to sell the activities of Teamac, the company in Budrio that makes teabag packaging solutions, to a leader of this industry and to launch the countdown to the inauguration next October in Carpi of the biggest thermoforming centre in Italy. Once it is up and running, this maxi factory, in which 15 Million Euro has been invested, will become “The” manufacturing Headquarters of blister-packaging machinery. This type of product is indeed in fast growing demand, thanks to its practical and safe use for end-users.

The next move will be that of doubling the factory of Corima, as already mentioned last year. This partner in Tuscany makes aseptic pharmaceutical packaging lines.

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