TCP Reliable announces the hire of their Sales and Marketing Manager for the European market

TCP, leader in temperature controlled packaging and validation testing, is pleased to announce the recent hire of Ian Buck, who joins the company as the European Sales and Marketing Director.

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Ian was hired to accelerate the growth of the TCP Reliable family of companies, including Cryopak Cold Chain Packaging, Cryopak Verification Solutions, Cryopak Quality Assurance Services and DDL in the European market.

"We saw Ian's fifteen years experience in the temperature controlled packaging market, as a major asset to the Cryopak division" Maurice Barakat, CEO of TCP Reliable said.

Ian spent the last 2 years in the software industry providing business intelligence applications to organizations on a global level. This experience of data management systems uniquely positions him to help drive growth for the Cryopak Verifications Solutions division, which provides data logging devices and real time monitoring solutions to companies on a global level.

"A major part of Ian's goals will be to expand the temperature controlled packaging services currently offered in Europe, coupled with a new variety of our data logger and monitoring services," Barakat continued.

"With the addition of both Escort Data Loggers and Alternative Technologies Pharma to the TCP family, both of which will be bundled into Cryopak's Verification Services, we can provide temperature assured packaging, data logging devices and real time monitoring systems that can give a consolidated solution to the pharmaceutical, clinical research, blood and food markets in Europe."

Asking why he chose to join the TCP family, Ian summarized his answer very simply, "Vision."

"The TCP Reliable family of companies is fundamentally focused on its customer's product integrity, and is driven by demand from highly regulated markets" Buck said. "They offer an outstanding mix of products and services that have been diligently and strategically assembled and developed over the last 15 years, resulting in global revenues now exceeding $100m USD."

In Europe, Cryopak has been delivering, and will continue to deliver, global technological innovation from regional points as close to our customer's facilities as possible. Our goal is to underpin this with a tailored service offering that meets each individual client's needs.

Cryopak is set up to make daily just-in-time deliveries of pre-conditioned frozen and chilled phase change materials, re-usable pallet shippers for commercial product distribution, and smaller, high performance packaging for investigational medicinal product (IMP). Cryopak owns and operates qualified vehicles from our facility in Maromme, France, to a very satisfied pan-European customer base.

"The opportunity to roll this kind of service offering out to a wider audience as well as having the ability to tie the product mix in with an innovative and competitive data logging and real time monitoring system is a huge opportunity that I am very excited to be a part of," Buck said.

"We were impressed with Ian's experience and his vision to be able to deliver fully integrated solutions," Barakat said. "He is passionate about engaging with customers strategically and building out a product and service offering that meets and exceeds client's needs and expectations."

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