Cool Logistics celebrates success in South Asia

Global packaging manufacturer Cool Logistics, which specialises in temperature-controlled packaging, is reporting record breaking figures in its India operation, reaping the rewards of increased clinical trials and drug manufacture in the continent.

Over the next 5 years, it is predicted that 90% of the world's $85-billion-worth of patented drugs will be made in India. Cool Logistics set up its South Asia manufacturing and distribution centre in Chakan, Pune in India back in 2010 to support South Asia's predicted increase demand in temperature-controlled packaging. The company is now flourishing by serving global customers on a local basis.

Clive Wheeldon, Chief Executive Officer for Cool Logistics India, said: “South Asia brings with it its obviously challenging climatic conditions and the growing need for the clients' product protection during transportation. Add these to the increasing scrutiny of the regulatory authorities, and we see a much higher demand for quality packaging in the region that needs to eliminate temperature excursions. For our clients, the high cost and potential loss of market share in having to re-test or at worst destroy their product means that temperature excursions are no longer an option.”

Cool Logistics serves a number of the region's big names in the Pharmaceutical, BioTech and Clinical Trials industries, as well as the specialist couriers. Temperature-controlled packaging solutions which were originally only available through import are now on hand and accessible quickly, providing faster packaging solutions. Costs are also lower with in-country manufacture, avoiding the costly freight and duty charges when importing from the UK.
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