Color laser film label for dental carpules

Schreiner MediPharm has developed a special label solution for effectively marking dental carpules, which have narrow diameters-usually about 5 mm-and can be marked with variable data such as batch numbers or expiration dates.

Hp 20328 Schreiner Dental Carpules

Natural aesthetics play a large role in dentistry, and optimum dental fillings require special composite materials. To achieve uniform results, dental carpules-small applicators attached to syringes-are used. They are marked with small-sized labels that assist dentists in selecting the right filling composition and color, both of which can vary by patient.

Schreiner MediPharm's new label is based on Color Laser Film (CLF), which features a thin composition and flexible structure ideally suited for application to these tiny syringe carpules. The film is marked using a laser, whose beam penetrates a transparent laminate layer and exposes the color reference layer without producing harmful emissions. The laminate further enhances the high level of resistance and permanent legibility of the label by protecting it from damage by chemical substances or mechanical abrasion.

The Color Laser Film label securely adheres to dental carpules, providing dentists with reliable information regarding the composition of the material at their fingertips and, in doing so, simplifying pre-filling preparation.
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