Complete success for Aerosol & Dispensing Forum 2012

The sixth edition of Aerosol & Dispensing Forum was held simultaneously with the PCD (Packaging of Perfumes, Cosmetics & Design), on 8 & 9 February 2012 at the Espace Champerret in Paris.

On this occasion 2,430 participants from forty countries attended the event.

Some fifty suppliers of aerosol packaging, dispensing technologies, services, products and technologies showcased their innovations to the delegates of the major brands (personal care, beauty, health care, pharmaceutical, food, gardening, painting, household products, industrial products, automotive, etc.).

Visitors and exhibitors emphasized the friendliness and human scale of this meeting and the positive outcome of its co-location with PCD, which allowed them to optimize contacts.

"Participants have come in numbers. It is a success because it is easily accessible. All the actors are here. This show is friendly and professional. Having PCD and Aerosol & Dispensing Forum held together is a very interesting "offer" to meet partners " commented Gilles Baudin of L'Oreal.

Lemetteil Christopher of Procter & Gamble said: "This is my first visit to Aerosol & Dispensing Forum. This is a very interesting meeting of all stakeholders of aerosols. It allows interactions with the entire supply chain of aerosols. "

The conference program started with the session chaired by Nathalie Thys of GlaxoSmithKline. The lecturers discussed the contribution of dispensing technologies for health products and drugs. The conferences have made a comprehensive review of recent advances in "Dispensing Technologies" (PharmAccel Consulting), methods to identify unknown extractables from packaging materials (West Pharmaceutical Services), best practices in in E&L testing for orally inhaled and nasal drug products (SGS Life Science Services - R & d / QC, SGS Institute Fresenius GmbH), new trends and solutions in nasal sprays (Rexam Pharma), new prospects in dispensing technologies in terms of design, use and safety (Faculty of Pharmacy, Clermont-Ferrand), an update on anti-microbial preservatives, substances inducing endocrine disorders (Académie Nationale de Pharmacie).

Paris Aerosol & Dispensing Awards 2012

The Paris Aerosol & Dispensing Awards ceremony that followed confirmed the key role of dispensing technologies in the success of new products. The jury, chaired by Michel Fontaine, President of the CNE (National Packaging Council), has distinguished:

« Internal Coating Technology »
An Example of application developed by TUBEX for the deodorant "Hidden Black & White", Nivea

« Functionality & Cosmetic result »
Horizon Fix » l'Oréal Professionnel

« New Market »
« Eau de Safran » - Foodbiotic

« Packaging, Innovation, Functionnality, Environment Friendly »
« Vismed® Multi» TRB Chemedica AG

« New Market Dispenser »
« Turbo Tango » Britvic Plc and COLEP.

Lunchtime to enjoy food aerosol innovations!
The "Paris Aerosol Restaurant" allowed participants to be treated to aerosol packaged desserts prepared by Coltivia-Polenghi teams, such as mascarpone mousse on sponge cake, lemon sorbetto, chocolate mousse or Floating Islands. Consumers are keen to use these products, which are increasingly used by professionals in catering. "“Aerosol & Dispensing Forum is a very good platform to promote food products. Next year, we are still very interesting to promote the food market and we want to continue the push and present our products in the field with new ideas.” said enthusiastically Ric Berger of Clayton Corporation.

Dispensing and Cosmetics: a synergy that drives innovation
In the afternoon, Jay Gouliard, Vice President Global Strategy and Innovation materials & labels business at Avery Dennison, chaired the session on the recent advances in cosmetics and dispensing technologies. The presentations addressed themes like "acoustic signature of the spray" (Laps Design), "airless technology: the law in practice" (Faculté de Pharmacie, Université Paris Sud 11), "Dry Shampoo: a return to the future "(Swallowfield Plc), new process to make light Weight Aerosol Cans (Mall + Herlan), new Technology of making aerosol cans more economically (Schuler Pressen GmbH), quality control (Technopack), the" potential of technology Sleeve for decoration "(Sleever International).

Key topics to start the second day
Chaired by Michel Fontaine, President of the CNE, this session featured three workshops: "The electronic systems of spray formation," "What Airless for what purpose? ", " The trigger systems.

« Electronic spray formation systems » workshop was moderated by Jay Gouliard and Nicolas Duru, Electronic Lab. Manager at L'Oreal. Participants explored topic like: Which techniques for which applications? The place of aerosol and complementarities, possibilities for hybridization," Prospects ". "“We had very good discussions with the brand owners, the converters, the materials suppliers, and the suppliers of technology etc. in dealing with the potential of the applications in the future. Electronic play a big role in packaging, in the development of new field of communication, increasing the interactivity with the consumers and the brand owners” observed Jay Gouliard. For his part, Nicolas Duru, said: "It was very interesting to speak with this panel of specialists and experts who told us about the latest progress in electronic spray. This is an issue of the future, it should lead to developments in to consumer products, including cosmetics. The medical field is also fond of innovations that simplify the inhalation and allow better targeting of the drug. It is a source of new business for everyone! "

"What Airless for what purpose?" was moderated by Dr. Christine Lafforgue of the Dermopharmacology & Cosmetology Unit of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Université Paris Sud 11, Osnat Lustig, VP Packaging Develop at Coty Beauty Europe and Dr. Pascale Gauthier, Pharmacist, PhD, a lecturer at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Clermont-Ferrand. George Bouille of Aptar Group presented a summary of the discussions that focused on the protection, functions, challenges for the future and marketing aspects “We dealt with Airless and the challenges to what Airless systems bring to innovation in all areas. We got exchanges with experts from the pharmaceutical industries, pharmacists, brand owners, manufacturers of packaging, experts in formula and the group highlighted the need to design the formula and the packaging together”, said Osnat Lustig. These exchanges were particularly relevant at a time when the reduction of preservative use is a strong consumer demand and a critical regulatory issue.

Michel Fontaine and Xavier Camidebach, Sales and Marketing Director Europe at Precision, led a team to deal with "Trigger Systems". Discussions focused on the areas of applications, ergonomics and reliability of trigger systems, the possibility of using an aerosol, the potential benefits for the consumers, opportunities for refills, and safety aspects. "In the group there were representatives of competing companies. The discussions were very open and constructive! " Xavier Camidebach told us.

Aerosol and dispensing: recent advances

ADF 2012 conference programme featured a session on recent advances and new developments aerosols, which was chaired by Eric Scheid, Purchasing Manager at Danone. Speakers shared their views on: "Migration from plastic packaging - not just a problem with food? "(SGS Life Science Services - R & D / QC, SGS Institute Fresenius GmbH)," Powder coatings for aerosol cans and tubes "(Tiger Coatings GmbH)," Technical applications and niche for the future of aerosols "(Colep), "Recent advances and prospects for triggers" (MWV), "Innovations and niche applications" (Lindal-Altachem). To Afa Dispensing Group BV, this session was an opportunity to present a new solution that bridges the gap between aerosols & trigger sprayers, Flair®, its airless bag-in-bottle technology which can dispense fluids in any manner - from viscous liquids to mistlike sprays.

The 7th edition of Aerosol & Dispensing Forum will take place on Wednesday 6 & Thursday 7 February 2013, simultaneously with the 9th edition of PCD (Packaging of Perfumes, Cosmetics & Design), in Espace Champerret (Paris).
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