Port Jersey Logistics Donates Trailer Service to American Logistics Aid Network

Port Jersey Logistics, a leading public warehousing and distribution company, has donated use of a shipping trailer to the American Logistics Aid network (ALAN).

The donation is part of an organized effort to provide in-kind charitable acts that help others through specialized professional services.

The American Logistics Aid Network is an organization serving as an aggregator of logistics-related charitable need. The organization was founded, in part, by the reaction to the challenging response to Hurricane Katrina, a catastrophe that prompted an outpouring of logistics donations that were not used as efficiently as possible due to a lack of centralized organization.

ALAN engages the supply chain community to support humanitarian relief efforts by serving as a primary point of contact for the U.S. logistics industry's donation activity. The organization also makes supply chain-related donation needs visible to the logistics industry and establishes an efficient process for providing the necessary goods and services through its web portal.

Port Jersey Logistics, which has been a contributing member to ALAN, offers a wide scope of services including freight consolidation, customs bonded services, product packaging, repacking, heat-shrink wrapping, labeling and ticketing, product return services, point-of-purchase displays, container drayage, freight management and fulfillment services. Its current gift of trailer usage addresses a major need for relief networks: transportation.

"The ability to use our business services for such a worthwhile cause is both fulfilling and satisfying," said Robert Russo, President of Port Jersey Logistics. "We are proud to work with the American Logistics Aid Network, an organization that works tirelessly to gather and distribute resources to those in need."
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