TriMas' Rieke Packaging Business Advances With Key Customer Wins

TriMas Corporation (NASDAQ: TRS) - a diversified manufacturer of engineered and applied products - announced today that its Rieke Packaging Systems business, a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of highly-engineered closure and dispensing products, has continued to expand its global presence through customer wins and innovative customer solutions.

A large, global personal care product company, headquartered in the United Kingdom, recently entered into a multi-year agreement with Rieke to supply non-aerosol foamer pumps for use within personal care products. Rieke will supply the pumps in Asia, Europe and North America.

An international cosmetic company recently signed a multi-year agreement with Rieke to provide a specialized airless dispensing system that provides exact, measured dispensed liquids for use in various skin care products in its personal care market segment in Northern Europe, including the United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Innovative Molding, acquired by TriMas and integrated into Rieke in August 2011, secured a multi-year supply agreement with a chemical and household cleaning products company to provide a unique closure with measuring and drain back features for household toiletries in North America.

The business is also launching a large metered dispensing system for in-home and business office dispensing of bottled water in Latin America and Southeast Asia. The Rieke team created a more modern aesthetic design and a no drip high quality dispenser for the project.

“Each of these contracts were signed in the last few months with full production scheduled to begin in the next few quarters. Collectively, we expect these new awards to have a full revenue run rate of more than $10 million once the projects are in production,” said Lynn Brooks, president of Rieke. “Our design and technical solutions provide value that is not currently available in the marketplace. Our multi-production site capabilities provide proficient delivery, and superior quality and service.”

Rieke has a proven track record of creating solutions for customers in the industrial, agricultural, food, beverage, nutraceutical, personal care, pharmaceutical and medical markets.
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