Cardia Bioplastics and Polyden Folien cooperate on sustainable packaging films

Polyden Folien have launched their new range of packaging films made with Cardia BiohybridTM technology that meet highest packaging performance standards.

Cardia BiohybridTM proprietary technology combines renewable thermoplastics with polyethylene material to reduce dependence on finite oil resources and to reduce carbon footprint.

Polyden Folien Managing Director, Peter Moser, said "The combination of packaging performance, environmental profile and cost effectiveness made Cardia BiohybridTM technology the solution for Polyden Folien's sustainable packaging needs."

Polyden Folien's product launch of flexible films made with Cardia BiohybridTM technology is consistent with the company's business development of sustainable packaging.

Cardia Bioplastics Managing Director, Dr Frank Glatz, said "We are delighted to be collaborating with Polyden Folien. They are one of Germany's leading flexible film specialists with a strong track record of providing innovative products to the packaging industry. In addition to offering high performing packaging films and excellent service, they are clearly committed to sustainable development of their products. Our partnership with Polyden Folien will enable their film customers to purchase innovative packaging products with reduced dependence on finite oil resources and lower carbon footprint."

Peter Moser emphasised Polyden Folien's strategy on responsible packaging. "We are excited to work with Cardia Bioplastics. Our packaging products made from their BiohybridTM resins will form an integral part of our responsible packaging offering. We are looking forward to presenting our customers the BiohybridTM packaging films, in particular for shrink film applications," he said.

Cardia Bioplastics is benefiting from the trend towards sustainable packaging with products used in a broad range of packaging applications, including flexible film, injection moulding, blow moulding, foam, extrusion and coating applications. It gives customers the choice of using sustainable Cardia BiohybridTM technology (less oil, lower carbon foot print) or Cardia's internationally certified Compostable technology for their packaging or plastic products.
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