NH Foam Molding Company Provides Vital Packaging for the Medical Field and Others

Looking in on Janco Incorporated's custom foam fabrication center, Phil Killer, the company's spokesman can't help but express a certain level of pride at what the New Hampshire based plastic fabricator and medical packaging manufacturer is capable of.

In this case, Killer explains custom foam molding, which he says Janco has used to make a marked difference in the lives of consumers everywhere.

Killer says, “Janco has provided foam molding for a number of industries for years, particularly the healthcare and medical industry. Every year we get better and better by combining what we've learned with constant equipment upgrades and by streamlining our processes. Over the course of last year, this is exactly what we've done.” According to Killer, Janco is now capable of greater versatility, better part detail, and more precision than ever before.

“Custom foam molding makes a significant impact on what's capable for medical products and much more.” Killer says, while handling a newly fabricated medical packaging product. He explains that for 2012, Janco has contributed to already vast amounts of research to better understand how patients and healthcare professionals use medical foam products. He explains, “The Goal is to enhance the level of care doctors and surgeons can deliver with better medical products, whether it's more intuitive packaging, medical cushions, or anything in between.”

However, Killer also explains that Janco's overhaul of its foam molding fabrication process is not limited to just medical products. “In addition to the healthcare industry, a few of the major applications for foam molded products are cars and trucks, electronics, pharmaceutical packaging, and FDA approved packaging for all kinds of food items.” Considering the widespread use of foam molded products, Killer concludes, “You don't really realize how prevalent foam is until you see it from this perspective.”
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