New Glossary of Supply Chain Terminology Book is Released!

New Edition 5 of the "Glossary of Supply Chain Terminology - For Business, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Warehousing, & Technology Pro's" is available in both print and electronic book format.

This reference book published by IDII is used by numerous professionals and
universities. It is extremely focused on terminology, acronyms, and codes to help the supply chain professional!

There are thousands of 'key word phrases' being used in the supply chain! This glossary explains the keywords, acroynyms, and words utilized in the supply chain! This glossary is for both experienced and new professionals that are involved in inventory management, logistics, warehousing, transportation, manufacturing, or software.

New edition 5 has DOUBLED in content from the prior edition. There is new content in all areas. Excellent resource for experienced professionals, management, consultants, integrators, and new employees!

Detailed & Organized

It is a time saver for getting up-to-speed on the supply chain languages! Main glossary includes all terminology that span 24 topics involving the supply chain professional. The 24 sections covered are Barcode, Business, Computer, Computer Chat, Conveyor, Country Codes, Currency, Dialing Codes, EDI, EDIFACT, Ergonomics, Forklift,
Government, Incoterms, Legal, Manufacturing, Material Safety Data Sheets, Organization, Pallet, Purchasing, RFID, Standards, Transportation, and Warehousing terminology.

Master the supply chain languages faster! If one wants to learn 1 of the 24 topics listed above - just simply go to that respective chapter. Or use the main glossary which includes all terminology.

What Fellow Professionals Are Saying

³Thank you for this excellent reference book. We find it comprehensive, clear and expertly laid out. It is a valuable asset in assisting our incursion into this industry and market.²

- William Rest, Project Manager, EM Data Consultants

³IDII is to be congratulated for the enormous achievement of bringing together almost all of the Å’jargon¹ of the Supply Chain business and technical world in one easy to use reference! I was surprised to find that the author had many abbreviations in the Warehousing and Distribution area that even I, after 32 years in the field, had not encountered.²

- Art Avery, Distribution & Warehousing Consultant

³This book is exceedingly helpful in coming to common, real world, feet on the street understanding. A great resource. I thought the idea and execution of this is great. I have always thought the EDI numbering system standards to be incomprehensible. I thought it was like the secret language that the I/S guys used to talk.²

- James Fox, Supply Chain Consultant

Table of Contents

1 - Acknowledgements

1 - Target Audience

3 - Glossary Word Format

5 - Products from IDII

Dedicated Glossaries Cover:

11 - Barcode Words

15 - Business Words

52 - Computer Words

77 - Computer Chat Words

82 - Conveyor Words

89 - Country Codes

97 - Currency Codes

102 - Dialing Codes

107 - EDI Transactions

112 - EDIFACT Transactions

117 - Ergonomics Words

145 - Forklift Words

154 - Government Words

162 - Incoterms

165 - Legal Words

173 - Manufacturing Words

225 - Material Safety Data Sheet Words

248 - Organization

262 - Pallet Words

267 - Purchasing Words

284 - RFID Words

298 - Standards Words

303 - Transportation Words

329 - US States & Canadian Provinces

332 - Warehouse Words

Full glossary combines the above specialized glossaries into a main


705 - Suggest a Word


Glossary is available now. Available from Amazon, click here.and numerous book retailers. Also available from the publisher, here, in either print or pdf format.


Perfect bind 8.5 x 11 size, 705 pages, ISBN-13: 978-0980073492, and available via all retail book sellers. Retail price 89.95 USD. Quantity discounts available from IDII. Front cover image is available for viewing, click here.

Online Glossary

The Glossary of Supply Chain Terminoloy is also available online by IDII. The online glossary contains a larger set of topics and words. It is located here.
.One must have an active subscription to access it. Use the IDII order form and select "Online Access to Glossary" to subscribe. IDII will then set your userid up in the online glossary for access. One will use their e-mail and password provided in order to log in.


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. IDII is located at 2448 East 81st Street, Suite 2044, Tulsa, OK
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