QuickLabel Systems Awarded Sony Green Partner Certification

QuickLabel Systems, a brand of Astro-Med, Inc., has received the "Sony Green Partner" award in recognition of its ability to manufacture label and ink components that have minimal impact on the environment.

This certification was awarded following an on-site audit by Sony Digital Audio Disc Company (DADC).

Sony Green Partner certification positions QuickLabel Systems as a "preferred supplier" to Sony and to other companies who seek a label and ink supplier who has achieved Sony Green Partner status. The certification illustrates QuickLabel Systems' strong environmental protection commitment, particularly during the production processes.

"The Sony Green Partner program is one of the best established environmental programs of its kind. We are honored to be recognized as a Green Partner and preferred supplier," said Elias G. Deeb, Vice President of Media Products.

"I'm very proud of this achievement. QuickLabel Systems demonstrated excellence throughout the entire certification process and on-site audit, passing both with flying colors. Everyone in QuickLabel's Asheboro, NC label factory worked very hard not only to meet the needs of our customer, but also to demonstrate our concern for the environment," said Dean Trotter, Quality Assurance Manager of the QuickLabel Systems plant in Asheboro, NC. "In achieving Sony Green Partner status, QuickLabel furthered its business commitment and supply relationship with all divisions of Sony including Sony Entertainment, Electronics, Music, Computers, etc.," continued Trotter.

Sony awards suppliers with Green Partner Certification when they actively cooperate in producing environmentally sustainable products. The "Sony Green Partner Standards" were established in 2001 as a way to encourage its suppliers to become more environmentally responsible. Sony's Green Partner Program restricts the use of hazardous substances in materials as described in the Sony technical standard SS-00259. Suppliers can achieve Sony Green Partner status by meeting these requirements and by demonstrating compliance via an on-site audit.
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