3C Packaging relieves carton 'headache' for aspirin maker

After their existing contract supplier decided to exit the secondary packaging market, a major aspirin company made a strategic decision to evolve its approach to carton color matching. The company planned to move away from subjective color specification and toward the adoption of a more objective process in which package color could be specified "by the numbers." The goal was to reach a uniform look across its full product line and to apply the same level of precise measurement for the color matching process that occurs for other features of the carton, such as its dimensions, caliper, etc.

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The company chose 3C Packaging (), formerly known as Colonial Carton Co., as its packaging partner due to the supplier's modern equipment, its cGMP facilities, and its state-of-the-art inspection and process control machinery. 3C incorporates Spectrophotometric color control (a unique method of measuring quality) into its presses and processes.

3C matched the customer's targets for color approval, and maintained the color accurately within established limits throughout each run. Today, the aspirin company's full-line of products is packaged by 3C. Because the color had been established and maintained based on the Graphic Manager's approval, color verification is no longer required as part of the inspection process, resulting in a time and money savings.
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