Intertek provides regulatory support for the new EU Plastics Implementing Measure (PIM)

Intertek, a provider of quality and safety solutions serving a wide range of industries around the world, offers regulatory advice and laboratory testing to help companies manage compliance with new, upcoming, European Plastics Implementing Measure (PIM) legislation.

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The new regulation for plastic food contact materials, referred to as the Plastics Implementing Measure (PIM), is expected to be adopted within the European Union in 2011. In September 2010, the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health (SCFA) voted in favor of this new Regulation, which is now under 3 months scrutiny by the European parliament and Council. Without objections, the regulation can be adopted in January 2011. PIM will replace the current plastics Directive 2002/72/EC, among others.

The most important changes introduced by the Plastics Implementation Directive are:''

* Measures for plastic layers in multi-materials

* Changes in the simulants used for migration testing

* Standardized test conditions for migration testing

Two years after the adoption the new migration testing rules shall apply. Ultimately 5 years after adoption all supporting documents shall be based on the rules set out in the new regulation.

Intertek expertise on food contact materials includes regulatory advice on international and national legislation incl. consultancy, migration studies, migration testing, substances notification for EFSA or FDA, and more.
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