iGPS Announces the iGPS bios Program

On October 19, iGPS announced iGPS biosTM, a new, premium-level pallet rental service designed exclusively for the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Industries.

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This new service follows a year of research into the unique needs of these critical industries, and provides a level of pallet hygiene and security that cannot be achieved with pallets made of wood or other organic materials.

The iGPS bios program consists of several unique elements. First, each all-plastic pallet with embedded RFID tags-the world's only rental pallet to achieve NSF International Food Equipment Certification-is inspected to ensure that its condition is pristine. Next, each pallet is individually washed and sanitized at an iGPS facility, then immediately enclosed in protective wrapping to maintain its hygienic condition. iGPS bios pallets are delivered free of paint, pathogens, and toxic pesticides and fungicides, like TBP/TBA, ready to ship and trace across the supply chain. For more information on iGPS and the iGPS bios program, please call 800-884-0225 or visit www.igps.net
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