Schiff Nutrition Pumps It Up with PECO Pallets

Schiff Nutrition International recently named PECO Pallet its preferred supplier of pooled pallets.

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Schiff Nutrition will ship its complete product line of vitamins and nutritional supplements primarily on PECO's signature red wood block pallets to club stores and retailers throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Schiff Nutrition International (formerly Weider Nutrition) is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is a longtime leader in the nutritional supplements industry. Schiff Nutrition's core brands include Move Free®, Schiff® vitamins, MegaRed®, Tiger's Milk®, and Fi-Bar®.

Chris Shurtleff, Logistics Manager for Schiff Nutrition International, said his company chose PECO Pallet primarily based on PECO's reputation for quality and control. "Since we signed on with PECO Pallet," said Shurtleff, "they have worked closely with our IS/EDI group to ensure a smooth implementation and adapt our ERP system to track pallet movement automatically. We have been very pleased with the high level of technical expertise and innovative solutions provided by PECO Pallet. The new system is easy to use, and fully electronic reporting gives us maximum control."

PECO Pallet's CEO, David Lee, proclaimed that PECO is very pleased to partner with Schiff Nutrition. "Schiff has a rich history as an innovative leader in health and nutrition," said Lee, "and we are proud to be chosen as their preferred supplier of rental pallets. We look forward to continuing to work together to save time and money throughout the supply chain."
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