Reed-Lane Enters Cold Chain Supply Market

Strong biologics industry growth cited as among reasons this established pharmaceutical contract packager is investing in the cold chain.

New Jersey-based contract packager Reed-Lane, entered the cold supply chain market with the opening of its first controlled cold storage at its Wayne, NJ, packaging facility. The new infrastructure instantly broadens the scope of pharmaceutical companies that the contract packager is capable of servicing.


Strong biologics industry growth is among Reed-Lane’s reasons for entering the cold chain market. The high-value biologics products often place added emphasis on proper, tightly controlled storage environments. Maintaining a secure cold chain through the storage, handling and transportation of temperature-sensitive drugs assures product quality and integrity, benefitting patients and keeping manufacturers, hospitals and pharmacists in compliance with various laws, regulations, guidelines and codes.


“With the introduction of our new cold storage, Reed-Lane shows its continued commitment to expanded capabilities as we reach further into the pharma and biopharma markets,” says Patricia Elvin, Reed-Lane President. “This venture, along with our investment in systems that enable us to achieve unit-level to full-aggregation serialization, puts us in a position to serve our valued pharmaceutical customers with speed, efficiency and flexibility.”

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