ACG Adds Alu-Based Films and Foils to Packaging Portfolio

ACG Films & Foils unveiled a variety of aluminum-based cold-form blister laminates and lidding foils at their factory in Shirwal, India.

Laminator / Image: ACG
Laminator / Image: ACG

A June 22nd article from PrintWeek India noted the recent expansion of India-based ACG Films & Foils pharmaceutical packaging portfolio. A new investment has allowed the company to add aluminum-based films and foils to their product offering. This includes a 1300mm wide laminator capable of producing 800 to 1,000 tons per month. ACG claims the recent addition allows them to offer the widest range of barrier packaging in the world, including PVC-based products and 40 different varieties of cold-form foils including child-resistant, senior-friendly, and peel-push.

ACG Group consists of four departments including ACG Capsules, ACG Films & Foils, ACG Engineering, and ACG Inspection. The company’s CEO, SR Shivshankar, said, “Our Shirwal facility is now a one-stop solution for pharma companies when it comes to a packaging material for capsules and tablets. The launch of our new facility has further strengthened our product portfolio.”

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