Saliva Diagnostics Is the "Hottest Areas of Biomedical Research"

A new test might be able to diagnose a variety of diseased, such as cancer.

A single drop of saliva might be able to diagnose, and predict, diseases such as cancer, major depressive disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder and other issues.

According to the Daily Bruin, scientists at UCLA are using "salivary diagnostics to detect biomarkers in saliva, such as RNA and proteins."

“Traditionally, if you want to know if you have a certain kind of cancer, you have to have a biopsy done or undergo surgery,” said David Wong, Associate Dean for Research at the UCLA School of Dentistry. “(Saliva is) a wonderful way of getting a glimpse into the body noninvasively.”

“(Salivary diagnostics) is now one of the hottest areas of biomedical research,” said Wong, according to the article.

Unlike other measures, this does not involve surgery and is non-invasive.

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