Allergen buys medical device that corrects protruding ears

earFold is a small implantable device made from a short strip of nitinol metal alloy

Allergen has acquired Northwood Medical Innovation Ltd, the developer of the implant technology, earFold, a medical device that corrects prominent, or protruding, ears.

The company intends to commercialize the product widely across Europe, and will continue to explore the regulatory pathways and necessary clinical data requirements to commercialize this medical device in other countries, including the United States of America.

earFold is a small implantable medical device made from a short strip of nitinol metal alloy, which is specifically designed to retain a preset shape. Following injection of a local anesthetic, it is carefully inserted under the skin using an introducer, and works by gripping the cartilage of the ear, enhancing or creating the shape of the anti-helical fold - thereby reducing the prominence of the ear.

Including the initial consultation, the procedure takes about 15-20 minutes to complete and can be performed within an outpatient setting.

"Allergan is constantly searching to partner with or acquire companies with disruptive technologies that offer substantive value to our customers, often opening up new categories or setting new trends within our specialist segments," said said Paul Navarre, President and EVP of International Brands at Allergan, in a press release.

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