What are your key concerns with regard to job security and your income?

Job security issues cloud an otherwise healthy income scenario for healthcare packaging professionals.

"I worry my income and experience make me vulnerable to a layoff," admitted a respondent to July's Healthcare Packaging exit survey. "The more I get paid, the more I feel I have to find projects that produce or warrant the higher salary," said another.

A disturbing thought came from a respondent who said, "Job security is a thing of the past. I should be making more money based on my experience." A similar response was given by a different professional: "There is no such thing as job security in this era of disposable workers and pay does not keep up with the cost of living."

"The North American business culture should learn a lesson or two from the Europeans," believed one healthcare packaging professional. "They treat their employees with more respect, and they also tend to compensate better for the good ones."

A global perspective was evident in several responses. One respondent voiced concern that job security was "too subjective," with a "supervisor and management in Europe." Another argued that the "global economy and the U.S. company always aim [to deliver] a financial increase to stakeholders." Another was troubled by "foreign pharma tax breaks in Puerto Rico and Ireland."

Overall, 143 Healthcare Packaging readers responded to the July survey. Engineers and R&D/scientists each comprised 22% of the respondents, packaging 19%, marketing 17%, quality assurance/control 9%, purchasing and sales 4% each, with 3% identifying themselves as plant managers.

--By Jim Butschli, Editor
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