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Weiler Engineering, Inc.

Elgin, IL 60124

Company Overview

Weiler Engineering, Inc.’s Asep-Tech Blow/Fill/Seal machines produce shatterproof plastic aseptically packaged containers in a closed environment. An alternative to conventional filling of parenteral, ophthalmic, biologics, and respiratory products.

Weiler Engineering, Inc.’s Asep-Tech Blow/Fill/Seal machines produce plastic aseptically packaged containers.

Premier Suppliers
Years in business:61
Number of employees:100
1395 Gateway Drive
Elgin, IL 60124

Weiler Engineering, Inc., a leading provider of aseptic custom Blow/Fill/Seal liquid packaging equipment for pharmaceutical and healthcare applications, is committed to the highest standards of excellence and to further expanding products and systems to enhance patient care. Weiler’s proprietary ASEP-TECH® B/F/S packaging machines produce shatterproof, durable, aseptically-packaged products in one uninterrupted operation. This hands-free manufacturing process ensures that parenterals, ophthalmic solutions, and respiratory drugs reach the marketplace sterile, in the most cost-effective manner possible - every time. The ASEP-TECH® System is the culmination of more than 50 years of innovation in machine design and sterile process development, producing the most advanced aseptic liquid packaging process machinery available today.

The Weiler design incorporates the three-step process of blow molding, aseptic filling, and hermetic sealing of liquid products in one sequential operation on a compact machine frame. Weiler’s patented electronically controlled fill system, automatic sterilization system with integral data collection, and filter integrity test system are provided as standard equipment for each machine configuration. Each machine is also equipped with a HEPA air shower to ensure a Class 100 environment under dynamic conditions in the nozzle shroud area.

Weiler’s latest innovation is the patent-pending STERI-ShroudTM, which permits terminal sterilization of the HEPA air shower with non-aqueous sterilizing gases or vapors. Combined with the NOX-FLEXTM nitrogen dioxide sterilizing gas system from Noxilizer, decontamination/sterilization and 3-log endotoxin reduction have been demonstrated within the critical fill shroud on the ASEP-TECH® B/F/S systems.

ASEP-TECH® Blow/Fill/Seal machines are proudly manufactured in the USA, designed and built by Weiler Engineering, Inc. in a 140,000 ft2, state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. Weiler’smanufacturing facilities and corporate offices are conveniently located near Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

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