Quick Hits: Neurons on Chips Could Cure Diseases

A team of researchers at the University of Bath has developed the world’s first artificial neurons for use in bio-electronic devices.

A recent TechXplore article discussed the latest “body part on a chip.” This time, it’s artificial neurons on silicone chips that could lead to medical devices capable of curing chronic diseases associated with neuronal degeneration such as heart failure and Alzheimer’s. The electronic neurons, developed by a team of researchers at the University of Bath in England, behave exactly like the natural ones by responding to electrical signals from the nervous system.

The groundbreaking achievement has been a pipedream in the medical world for decades as it makes curing conditions where neurons have been damaged, such as a spinal cord injury, possible. The artificial neurons have the ability to repair dead bio-circuits by recreating healthy function and responding to biological feedback to restore bodily functions.

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