HERMA US: New Labeling Machinery Options

Tamper-evident Side Labeler and Wrap-around Labeler with motion control for faster runs will be featured at Healthcare Packaging EXPO.

HERMA US Inc., a subsidiary of HERMA GmbH, a provider of labeling machinery, self-adhesive labels and materials for the global packaging marketplace, will showcase new features for several of its labeling machines at Healthcare Packaging EXPO, October 14-17 in Chicago. HERMA US will be located at Booth W-838. HERMA 362 E TE tamper-evident labeling system, derived from the HERMA 362E front/back labeling system, can apply one or two tamper-evident labels to a wide range of cartons. Tamper-evident labels are a legal requirement forming a vital component in product security for pharmaceutical cartons. Capable of achieving speeds of over 200 cartons/min, the HERMA 362E TE can be installed with a TIJ or laser coders, as well as a wide range of track-and-trace systems to produce fully serialized and inspected cartons. HERMA US will also show a higher-speed, motion control version of its HERMA 132M Wrap-around Labeler, which is now available at speeds of 400 products/min. The turret-based machine features a rotating starwheel for precise product transport. It can be outfitted with a range of printing and vision systems, and features automatic rejection of out-of-specification labels before they are applied. Also showcased will be HERMA US’s 152E Wraparound Labeler, which features the same heavy-duty label applicator platform as the company’s “M” (Master) series, allowing for simple installation of printers and vision systems. The module can handle substrate diameters from ½ in. to 4 in., at speeds of up to 150 products/min, and can be fitted with either an Allen-Bradley or Siemens PLC controller.
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