Optel Vision: Serialization Printer

The Manual Print Station prints and verifies serialized codes on cartons.

Optel Vision announces the launch of the Manual Print Station™, an easy-to-use manual station managing the printing and verification of cartons to ensure accurate serialization.

The Manual Print Station effectively delivers fast serialization compliance for pharmaceutical companies and contract manufacturing organizations. It handles a wide range of carton sizes in one compact unit that can be installed quickly on any table.

The Manual Print Station allows the operator to print and verify serialized codes with a simple push-pull movement of the sliding guide. Easy to use and quick to deploy, the system requires no specialized operator training.Different inspection and commissioning options are available, making this system suitable for small batches.

Simplicity and flexibility allow for fast serialization implementation. The printing and inspection hardware and the serialization and aggregation software can be upgraded for full in-line serialization in a later phase.