Domino: Fiber laser system

Designed to meet healthcare industry challenges, the F220i is particularly suited for the medical device sector.

The F220i laser system from Domino produces unlimited lines of text in any orientation, and in many fonts and sizes. It is equally suitable for both graphics and 2D datamatrix codes.

The laser is designed to meet the challenges currently facing the healthcare industry. F220i codes materials that typically aren’t suitable for CO2 laser technology—such as metals, plastics, and certain films—thereby broadening the range of products that can be marked.This new flexibility is particularly important to the medical device sector, as many companies seek solutions to comply with the FDA’s UDI system, which, over the next seven years, will require all medical devices to be labeled with human- and machine-readable identifiers through distribution and use.

The advanced F220i system incorporates many of the company’s i-Tech laser components and the latest fiber technology, ensuring great performance. Its compact footprint makes it easy to install.

Compared to traditional solid-state lasers, the F220i laser does not require planned maintenance, giving a lasting performance. The fiber laser has an expected life of approximately 100,000 hrs, ensuring the highest uptime.