Elif: 3D holographic printing

3D and holographic printing technology differentiates products with a stimulating visual experience.

Elif’s new technology allows the creation of three-dimensional and holographic printing effects to provide distinctive packages with a high visual impact and anti-counterfeiting features. The technology can be applied on typical flexible packaging substrates, including Alufoil, PET, BOPP, PE, and aluminum.

Elif’s new packaging technology offers brand owners visual effects leveraging graphic design of the packaging and creating a three-dimensional, live concept for the brand. The printing technology also offers a stimulating visual experience and brand conformity for consumers.

While Elif’s new technology helps to create a premium brand perception for its customers with three-dimensional effects, it also provides brand authentication against counterfeiting with holographic printing. The increase in commercial counterfeiting is a risk for all brands, threatening brand image as well as damaging brand loyalty and revenue. Hence proper holographic packaging on consumer goods can serve as a means of brand protection.

Elif’s new capability also offers cold foil effects and UV lamination. It does not require a lamination with a metallized substrate to create holographic effects, thereby facilitating the recycling of the package.