BT9: Cold chain supply monitoring

Xsense offers enhanced real-time data mining and analytics for a variety of perishables, including pharmaceuticals.

BT9 announced advances to its Xsense® automated data collection and analytics system for the cold supply chain. As a result, BT9 has expanded its data collection and analysis capabilities beyond fresh produce to include more value-added food products, including meat and poultry, fish and seafood, dairy, ice-cream, chocolate, snacks, and pharmaceuticals.

Additionally, the company announced the opening of a North American office to support the U.S. marketplace.

BT9’s most recent advances include:

• Xsense® HiTags™ sensor, Version 2.0. Disposable RF sensor tags that can be installed in cartons, pallets, storage areas, fields, facilities, delivery docks and trucks. These are now able to monitor a wider range of temperatures from -35°C to +50°C and relative humidity from 30% to 95%. Data is transmitted automatically and in real-time to a Communication Unit. If there isn’t a Communication Unit in the vicinity, data is logged until it encounters one.

• Communication Unit now available in three formats. Fixed formats are for permanent installation in warehouses, portable formats are used when transporting goods or storing in a temporary facility and vehicle-mounted formats can be used for permanent installation in trucks. The Communication Units transmit data obtained from the HiTags along with their GPS location to BT9’s cloud-based servers. This, in turn, enables actionable, real-time responses to mitigate any identified risks and provides post mortem analytics on risk management.

• A new online application. Customers can now view and control real-time, web-based information and cumulative reports for benchmarking and risk mitigation from any PC, laptop or mobile smartphone with Internet access, 24/7.

•nNew analytics, management information, and logistic scoring reports. BT9 provides both real-time alerts and historical information reports for automated shipment departure, location and arrival; segmented pallet history, location and at-risk pallets; as well as detailed information on warehouses, distribution centers and small refrigeration facilities.

• Tailor-made product offerings and reports. BT9 can customize automatic Excel reports, integrate data exchanges with customer ERP systems, provide data mining based reports for government and large corporations, as well as offer expert consultancy services.

BT9, along with its strategic partners, is also offering complementary solutions such as sophisticated container designs and modified atmosphere packaging to further maximize efficiencies in the supply chain.