Top 10 'cool chain' learning objectives for 2014 event

Cool Chain and Temperature Controlled Logistics 2014 draft agenda available.

Cool Chain and Temperature Controlled Logistics 2014 is scheduled for Jan. 28-29, 2014 at Luxexpo, Luxembourg-Kirchberg, Luxembourg. A draft agenda for the event is available for download.
The event was previously called Cool Chain Logistics Europe. Healthcare Packaging Publisher Jim Chrzan reported from the 2013 event in Basel, Switzerland, noting that the temperature-sensitive logistics market was in a “state of flux.” For a complete list of and links to “cold chain”-related articles, click here.

According to Cool Chain and Temperature Controlled Logistics 2014 organizers Pharma IQ (a division of Intl. Quality & Productivity Center, IQPC), one of the main aims of the 2014 meeting is to address new standards and expectations of the European Union GDP Guideline on Good Distribution Practice of Medicinal Products for Human Use, as well as to provide a platform to set up and contribute to industry taskforces to help set best practices and industry standards.

Top ten learning objectives for 2014

In a press release announcing next year’s event, IQPC provided the following “Top 10” learning objectives:

1. CRT, CRT, CRT! There is more time dedicated to controlled room temperature product challenges and validating new shipping lanes.

2. Gain insight into what GDP inspectors are looking for and their key inspection criteria.

3. Discover the brand new, GDP-certified Luxembourg logistics hub and their certified supply chain infrastructure.

4. Understand the how of supply chain and temperature data collection and storage; is a cloud platform the future or are there alternatives?

5. Evaluate the level of potential you can unlock from intelligent analysis and application of your supply chain data, form compliance through to risk analysis savings.

6. Obtain true supply chain visibility (and security) through live, continuous monitoring and tracking. Discuss and debate the limitations and possible solutions with industry experts.

7. GDP updates by chapter: industry taskforces will be established and the first steps in setting best practices taken at the 2014 meeting, allowing companies to benchmark strategies.

8. Evaluate the latest options and developments in packaging and shipping methods for controlled room temperature products during a peer review session.

9. Review a recent data study of the ocean freight validation process.

10. Extended focus sessions on emerging markets. Delve into the intricacies of shipping in India and Russia.