Cold chain courier services for healthcare manufacturers

Online searching can help find a courier to meet temperature and regulatory challenges.

As global health initiatives increase, many manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, and medical devices are shipping their goods globally. Doing so can be a lucrative practice. However, there are challenges from international regulations imposed by the World Health Organization and other entities, as well as regulations in the healthcare manufacturer's own country. Delivery companies that specialize in cold chain logistics can help.

It isn't easy to keep up with the constantly shifting regulations on perishable healthcare cargo. And it isn't inexpensive to comply with all the necessarily regulations. It is essential that the integrity of healthcare products and devices not be compromised as they are packaged and shipped. Products must be transported and stored at the correct temperatures. The responsibility will fall on the manufacturer for any undesirable effects if products are packaged or shipped in improper conditions or at temperatures that are too high.

Shipping overseas can be daunting. How do you make sure temperatures and conditions are maintained when your goods have to be inspected at an airport's customs department? And what happens if something occurs during the flight and the cooling system on the airplane stops functioning properly? And what if medical devices aren't situated properly on the airplane and there's turbulence on the flight?

Courier services that specialize in shipping medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and biopharmaceuticals are aware of regulations that need to be followed. Web sites enable a company to post listings of what it needs shipped. Companies that provide courier services can view those listings and make bids to do the job. You can look at reviews of companies online and pick the best company that will ship your goods for the best price.

Complying with packaging and shipping regulations isn't a simple task. Employing the right courier services company can be found online to assure that your medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and biopharmaceuticals will arrive to their destination in perfect condition.

--Article provided by Margot McClelland, a guest post writer on the subjects of moving and transportation at Blog Content Guild.
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