Cold chain events serve up packaging insights

Brutal snowstorms and frigid temperatures hitting many portions of the U.S. this winter serve as a reminder of the challenges manufacturers face in packaging and shipping temperature-sensitive products.

Medical advances in biologics, combination products, and pharmaceuticals continue to emphasize the importance of packaging throughout the global temperature-sensitive transportation chain. One way to keep up on the latest developments in “cold chain” packaging and distribution is by learning from global experts who share knowledge and insights at several events around the world.

Late last week, PR Newswire reported that “The European Medicines Agency (EMA) published a concept paper on storage conditions during transport,” with the goal of creating “new Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and GMP guidance and may lead to the need to revise the guideline on declaration of storage conditions.”

Citing an “increase in the complexity and vulnerability in the supply chain, leading to a lack of clear guidance on the regulatory expectations for ensuring that medicinal products and APIs are not damaged or compromised during transportation,” the article pointed toward the Cold Chain South Africa 2011 event in Johannesburg, March 28 -31. Pharmaceutical manufacturers, biotech firms, government and regulatory experts are scheduled to share best-practice information pertaining to cold chain management at the event.

--Jim Butschli, Editor, Healthcare Packaging