Reusable insulated shipping systems

A recent trip to the drugstore had me wondering: Is OTC packaging getting a bit ... well, stale? As my eyes scanned the shelves, a sea of cartons and bottles blurred before me, and I found it difficult to focus on any one product. It seems bold graphics and bright colors are no longer enough to distinguish one product from another. So what can manufacturers do to maximize shelf appeal and make their product stand out? Perhaps it's time to think outside the pharmacy. Some companies are already moving in this direction. Their take: Just because you're selling your product in a drugstore doesn't mean it has to look medicinal. Even food and cosmetic packaging can serve as inspiration to separate your product from the masses.

• MediPorter®MPV reusable insulated shipping systems are for pharmaceutical/biotechnology distributors

• for companies with shorter distribution routes, requiring frequent direct deliveries, with the ability to distribute and return to base

• configurable to 3 durations, 24, 48, and 72 hours; help reduce amount of material used in shipping and costs of recycling/disposal

Laminar Medica Ltd.