Cold chain management conference set for Philadelphia

Recycling cold chain components, gaining a competitive edge with reusable and recyclable solutions, and a look at modern phase-change materials will be part of the packaging-related discussion topics at the 7th Cold Chain Distribution for Pharmaceuticals conference Sept. 21 - 24 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

Pre-conference workshops scheduled for Sept. 21 include “Balancing your Packaging and Transportation Mode Choices to Achieve a Balanced, Cost-Effective, Protective and Secure Means for your Cold Chain Products,” and “Understanding the Science Behind, Business Value and Practicalities of Using Green Packaging.”
A new Clinical Logistics Focus Day on Sept. 24 will include a presentation from Wyeth entitled, “Case Study: Managing a Massive Large Scale Vaccine Clinical Trial,” and an “Implementing Automated Temperature Monitoring to Improve Clinical Distribution Processes” session from Schering-Plough.
Other packaging-focused forums and presentations include the following:

• “Leveraging New Refrigerant Technologies: Use of Engineered Phase Change Materials in Cold Chain Packaging Design,” Sept. 21, delivered by Anthony Alleva, technical services manager, TCP Reliable/Cryopak.

• “Examining the Impact of Packaging and Shipping on Supply Chain Integrity for Vaccines and Challenging Destinations,” Sept. 21, delivered by Dana Dallas, vaccine/cold chain program manager, Defense Supply Center Philadelphia.

• “Understanding and Applying the USP Revised Guidelines,” from Dr. Mary Foster, USP packaging and storage expert committee member, US Pharmacopeia.

• “Panel Discussion: Defining the Future of Temperature Controlled Packaging for Biopharmaceuticals,” with Betsy Steiner, executive director of the Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers; Geoffrey Glauser, director, cold chain technology, Wyeth; and Rose Bicksler, senior manager, global quality assurance and validation, Global Pharmaceutical Supply Group, Johnson & Johnson.
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