Neopac Tube, Sustainability Innovations Presented at CPhI Barcelona

The world’s smallest child-resistant tube and a targeted nozzle applicator were among the company’s introductions at the event.

Neopac Child Resistant Tube

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Neopac highlighted several product introductions and sustainability advancements at CPhI Barcelona, October 24-26, including the:

  • Neopac 10mm CR-tube, the smallest child-resistant tube on the market, offers safety and convenience for consumers. Available in diameters from 10mm and capacities of 0.5-2mL, the tube is made of certified pharma-grade materials and is suitable for liquids and creams. It offers high-barrier protection for sensitive, toxic, or concentrated formulas, and can be decorated via direct printing for compelling aesthetics.
  • Twist’n’Use soft long nozzle, which is used with Neopac’s line of small-diameter tubes, provides smooth, targeted application of product in sensitive areas, such as the gums or ears. The tamper-evident closure fits on tubes up to 16mm in diameter with capacities up to 10mL.
  • Pharma-grade Polyfoil® MMB recyclable barrier tubes are available in a variety of structures with a white, colored, or metallic appearance. An EVOH-free version features an alternative special barrier coating protected between the laminated tube body. To increase recyclability with pumps, lip tubes, or roll-ons with pharmaceutical approval, there also is a polypropylene (PP) version with a high-gloss metallic look or soft-touch feel. Polyfoil® MMB tubes range in diameter from 19-40mm, and are designed from EU/US regulatory compliant pharma-grade materials. They are produced under ISO 8/9 clean room conditions at a manufacturing facility powered with clean energy.

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