Marchesini Group opens its Beauty Division and acquires Cosmatic

Acquisition will expand the company’s expertise through Cosmatic’s complex technology for the creation of lipsticks.

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The Marchesini Group–a designer and producer of packaging machines and lines for the pharmaceutical industry–has opened its Beauty Division with 5,000 square meters of new facilities developed at the Pianoro headquarters which will be home to offices and the production department for all of the Group’s cosmetic operations. Lorenzo Gatti, previously an engineer before becoming Group area manager will be the director of the Beauty Division’s facilities.  

In addition to the Marchesini Group Beauty machines and the Dumek, Axomatic, and V2 engineering technologies–Italian brands acquired over the last three years with the aim of extending the Group’s range of systems for the packaging of cosmetics products–the Beauty Division will integrate the latest acquired company: Cosmatic, a business specializing in technologies for the production of lipstick and in fill-in cosmetic powders. Cosmatic was formed and developed in the Lombard cosmetics district: 500 businesses–concentrated in the quadrilateral between Crema, Bergamo, Milan and Brianza–which produce over half of the make-up used by women across the world.

The company says its acquisition of Cosmatic will enable the expansion of its expertise in a segment that uses some of the most complex technologies in the cosmetics world, such as those which process lipstick paste–a waxy gel formed from waxes jellified with oil, fat, and resin, colored with pigments and supplemented with aromas, antioxidants, and a series of active ingredients–and pour it into cool silicone moulds of different shapes and sizes.

Though the use of face coverings has reduced purchases of lipsticks and other make-up products, the company says that once the pandemic begins to subside sales of fast-moving consumer goods, such as make-up products, will pick up again.

Renato Ancorotti, chairman of Cosmetica Italia, the association of Italian cosmetics businesses, commented: “Despite the strong growth pre-COVID, the cosmetic products business has also undergone substantial changes since the start of the pandemic: from the expansion of the beauty routine to the closer focus on green and sustainable cosmetics and through to the greater awareness of safety issues. According to the provisional figures, the Italian cosmetics market was worth € 9.6 billion in 2020, down 9.3% compared with 2019. We think that 2021 will be a year of transition before a complete recovery in 2022.”

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