This Tiny Wearable Monitors Health Stats

The device lets wearers see how physical activity and consumption affect the body’s ability to regulate glucose.

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Laboratory for Nanobioelectronics / UC San Diego

A recent SciTechDaily article discussed a new wearable capable of simultaneously monitoring a variety of health states including glucose, alcohol, and lactate. Developed by engineers at the University of California San Diego, the prototype is roughly the size of six quarters stacked on top of each other. It attaches to the skin of the arm like Velcro via a grid of microneedles. It doesn’t cause the wearer any pay, and only penetrates the epidermis deep enough to sense biomolecules in interstitial fluid.

“This is like a complete lab on the skin,” said Joseph Wang, professor of nanoengineering at UC San Diego and co-author of the paper. “It is capable of continuously measuring multiple biomarkers at the same time, allowing users to monitor their health and wellness as they perform their daily activities.”

A video with more information can be seen here.

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