This Startup Wants to Postpone Menopause by 15 Years

A new startup aims to divorce women’s ovaries from reproduction to preserve endocrine system function into old age.

Ovaries are generally considered organs that only function in a reproductive context. However, they are responsible for so much more including the function of a woman’s endocrine system. Ovaries control hormones that send messages to all the other organs in the body. According to a recent FORTUNE article, a new biotech startup called Celmatix wants to improve women’s ovarian health and delay health problems associated with menopause.

The company’s lead program aims to protect the 1.9 million pre-menopausal women diagnosed with cancer who will experience chemotherapy-induced ovarian failure. Delayed menopause will result in a “boost in their vitality and their wellness at a critical stage in their life,” according to Piraye Beim, founder and CEO of Celmatix. The 

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