Bioartificial Kidneys Could Make Dialysis Machines Obsolete

A bioartificial kidney could improve the lives of 850 million people worldwide living with kidney disease.

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A recent UCSF School of Pharmacy article discussed the latest development in the prevention and treatment of kidney disease. Its national research initiative, The Kidney Project, successfully tested its bioartificial kidney in a preclinical model. The milestone earned the group a $650,000 prize from KidneyX, a partnership between the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the American Society of Nephrology, which was established to expedite medical advancements relevant to kidneys.

 In the trial, the team’s bioartificial kidney successfully supported a culture of human kidney cells without initiating an immune response. The benefits of an artificial kidney aren’t small. If the concept makes it to market, it could put an end to tedious dialysis sessions, long transplant waitlists, and the need for immunosuppressants for transplants. A video with more information on The Kidney Project can be seen here

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