New Patch Monitors Blood Flow

The stretchy patch aims to help clinicians monitor and diagnose blockages that could lead to an infarct.

A recent Medgadget article discussed an innovative new ultrasound patch that measures blood flow. The patch was developed at the University of California San Diego as an aid for clinicians to identify blockages that could lead to serious issues, and diagnose various cardiovascular diseases. The patch is a more convenient alternative to current invasive technology that requires a technician to use an ultrasound probe to investigate the target vessel.

The patch contains a 12 x 12 grid of ultrasound transducers that can measure blood flow directly below the patch, as deep as 14 cm within the body. Simply stick it to the skin, and read the signals. The transducers can either be controlled to activate all together, or at different times. The former technique lets doctors investigate vessels deeper in the body, while the latter is intended for investigating vessels that aren’t directly below the patch. Tests have shown the device is as accurate as commercial ultrasound devices.

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