Polish Doctor Creates New Breath Test for Diabetes

The diagnostic breakthrough will allow patients to simply exhale and get results in under a minute.

A recent article from THEfirstNEWS discussed the latest in rapid diagnostics. This particular test can diagnose diabetes using just a patient’s breath. It was developed by a 36-year-old doctor in south-eastern Poland, and is the result of eight years of development and testing. Current protocol for patients suspected of having diabetes is to answer a series of questions so that a physician can establish a risk score. If that score is above a certain level, the patient will either undergo a blood test or be advised to watch their health.

With the novel breath test, all a patient has to do is exhale and they’ll know their result in under a minute. The test measures biomarkers in the patient’s breath and correlates them with their metabolic and glycemic levels. The device currently requires calibration for each individual, but the team is working on a universal model.

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