CA to Provide Digital Vaccine Records

California has created a system for digital vaccine records to replace the paper cards distributed with the shots.

Have you ever wondered how you’ve managed to not lose the tiny paper social security card you received at birth? If you’ve been vaccinated for COVID-19, you received a similar card containing the dates of your shots and the brand of the vaccine. Trying to keep tabs on that thing is probably as painful as your left arm was the day after your second shot. Well, according to a recent Los Angeles Times article, the state of California has launched a digital vaccine verification program that aims to replace the cards.

The digital replicas of the original cards are different from a vaccine “passport,” but offer an easier alternative to the paper cards that are easily lost. As California reopens, individual businesses or venues could require you to verify that you’ve been vaccinated before entry is permitted. The electronic version will contain all the same information as the physical cards as well as a QR code that can be scanned to confirm authenticity. With 22 million California residents having received at least one dose, this is bound to make a few peoples’ lives easier.

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