Cracked Glass Vials Lead to Recall for Hospira Opioid

Hospira is voluntarily recalling Hydromorphone HCl Injections due to the potential for empty or cracked glass vials.

Hydromorphone Injection
Hydromorphone Injection

A March 5th FDA Safety Alert noted the recall of a narcotic due to broken or defective packaging. Hopsira is voluntarily recalling three lots of Hydromorphone HCl Injection, an opioid agonist used to treat severe pain. The drug is also used in for opioid-tolerant patients who need higher doses opioids to manage pain.

Hospira initiated the recall on February 7th, stating that there was a potential that glass vials in the affected lots may be empty or cracked, which compromises the product’s sterility. Use of the affected vials could result in injury for the healthcare professionals handling them and bloodstream infections leading to bacteremia or sepsis in the patient. Hospira has notified wholesalers, distributors, retailers and hospitals of the recall via letter and has arranged for the recalled product to be returned.

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