HDA Calls for Universal Suspicious Orders Database

Healthcare Distribution Alliance asks Drug Enforcement Administration to allow state regulators and DEA’s state and local law enforcement partners to access DEA’s database.

In a letter to Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Acting Administrator Robert Patterson, Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) President and CEO John M. Gray called for a “universal” database to support enhanced monitoring of suspicious orders of controlled substances, including controlled opioid drugs.

While the DEA has indicated that it currently is developing a suspicious orders database for its own use, HDA’s latest letter calls for the agency to share this data, and DEA’s advanced analytical tools, with state regulators and state/local law enforcement officials to improve information sharing and coordination.

The Alliance also reiterated its request for the agency to publish a long-awaited proposed rule on suspicious orders monitoring to provide industry and state regulatory bodies clarity as they work to mitigate prescription drug abuse.