Wake Up to Urinate Too Often? Allergan’s Got Your Back.

FDA approves the first treatment to combat nighttime trips to the bathroom: a nasal spray that decreases urine production.

Noctiva / Image: Business Wire
Noctiva / Image: Business Wire

There’s nothing worse than leaving the warmth and security of your bed in the middle of the night to venture to the bathroom. A recent article from Endpoints News has the answer to our prayers: a nasal spray that inhibits urine production at night. The drug is called Noctiva; it was developed by Allergan and then signed over to Serenity Pharmaceuticals in a commercialization deal.

The drug works by increasing urine absorption in the kidneys with a dose taken 30 minutes before bedtime to limit the effect to just nighttime. The drug will soon hit shelves with a black box label warning that notes the risk of dangerously low sodium levels. The drug passed an FDA vote 14-4, but some experts expressed concern that the drug could be dangerous for elderly patients with congestive heart failure or hypertension.

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