Inside Samsung BioLogics’ New Facility

Samsung BioLogics gave Biopharma-Reporter a tour of their new CMO facility in Incheon, South Korea.

Samsung's Cocky Sign / Image: Biopharma-Reporter
Samsung's Cocky Sign / Image: Biopharma-Reporter

Established in April of 2011, Samsung BioLogics already has an impressive track record. They’ve built two plants, gained prestigious clients, and recently launched a $2.5 billion IPO. With a third facility under construction, the company is expected to be the largest biologics site in the world by 2018. They invited Biopharma-Reporter writer Dan Stanton for an exclusive look at the new space.

The new $740 million plant is being built by another branch of the behemoth conglomerate, Samsung Engineering. More details from the visit can be read here, including the over-the-top security measures and strangely cocky banner that reads “2020 CMO Champion.”

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