Q&A: Why Are Biosimilars So Expensive?

Dr. Bert Liang spoke to The Associated Press about pricing and accessibility of the new biosimilar industry.

Dr. Bert Liang / Photo: J.T. MacMillan, AP
Dr. Bert Liang / Photo: J.T. MacMillan, AP

Biologics come with hefty price tags, sometimes costing as much as a single family home for a year’s prescription. Until 2010, there was no system in place to approve cheaper generic versions of these drugs, called biosimilars. So far, Novartis’ Zarxio is the only biosimilar available in the U.S., but there are several drugs on the cusp of approval, barring regulatory red tape and drawn-out lawsuits designed to protect the billions in revenue.

A Midland Daily News article dated September 18th contained an interesting Q&A with Dr. Bert Liang, chairman of the Generic Pharmaceutical Association’s Biosimilars Council and CEO of biosimilars developer Pfenex Inc. The article gives some insider perspective on biosimilar pricing and the overall market and is worth the quick read. Read the full Q&A here.

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