Biogen Launches Remicade Biosimilar

Biogen introduces Flixabi in the UK, the third biosimilar competitor to Johnson & Johnson’s Remicade.

Flixabi / Image: Biogen
Flixabi / Image: Biogen

A September 7th PMLiVE article covered the most recent low-cost alternative to Johnson & Johnson’s biggest-selling drug, Remicade. Last week, Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Biogen launched Flixabi to the roughly 600,000 patients affected by chronic inflammatory diseases in the UK.

Samsung Bioepis, a join venture between Biogen and Samsung BioLogics, developed Flixabi, which achieved EU marketing clearance in May. Flixabi joins two other biosimilars for Remicade: Pfizer’s Inflectra and Mundipharma’s Remsima, both of which are manufactured by Celltrion.

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