U.S. is the Largest Market for Both Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

Forty percent of market growth in U.S. is biologics for oncology, autoimmune, respiratory and anti-viral use, according to a study by PMMI Business Intelligence.

Global Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Revenue
Global Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Revenue

Released last Fall, the study says branded and specialty drugs, and innovative medical devices featuring internet connectivity, will likely drive spending growth in developed parts of the world. A rising middle class with more discretionary income, aging popoulation with longer life expectancy, and nationalized health care in China will spur growth in emerging markets.

By 2020 the global population over 65 will surpass the number of children under five. Some countries like Germany are experiencing negative population growth! All this means we can expect a rise in treatment of chronic diseases in a population living longer and spending more on medicine. Even those with terminal illnesses are living longer managing quality of life over an extended period of time—often years.

With the importance of the U.S market to machinery and materials sales, Healthcare Packaging EXPO in Las Vegas this Sepember 25-27, will feature innovation in automated packaging machinery to drive efficiencies and increase OEE, as well as showcasing the latest package design and material developments.

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